The Wells Ministry in Malawi

Our Journey in Malawi

How it began

In 2010, on a short-term mission trip to an unreached tribe in Brazil, God started to break our hearts for those who have never heard the name of Jesus. All people should have the opportunity to hear the Gospel and make a decision to follow Jesus. Ever since that incredible experience in Brazil, God has slowly been preparing us to serve Him full-time.

Where it’s going

God has called us to serve Him among an unreached people group in Malawi, Africa! The Yao struggle with extreme poverty, famine, and high HIV rates, but these problems will not affect them eternally. The Yao are 99% Muslim. The Lord has given us a love for these people and a passion to introduce them to the One True God who loves them, the God who can give them a hope and a future!

How you can join us

We are missionaries with SIM and are excited to be reaching out and serving the Yao people in Malawi. Our hope is that you will prayerfully consider joining our team by investing in our ministry of reaching the Yao with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Current ongoing ministries

Praise the Lord for His work among the Yao. There are 10 Bible studies in progress and two church plants. Please pray that more Bible studies will become churches.

Work is underway to develop the 5 acres of land in Namwera to develop a mission base, outreach area, and church property.

Donations received here go to our needs to live and do ministry in Malawi. Any extra funds received are moved to the Yao Ministry Project.

Donations received here go to support local missionaries, land development projects, farming training, and any other ministry needs.

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The Yao in Malawi

  • Population in Malawi: 1,880,000
  • Population Worldwide: 2,641,600
  • Main Language: Chiyao
  • Main Religion: Islam 99%
  • Status: Unreached
  • Christian Adherents: 1%

John & Mollie Wells

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